Barristers Mortgages - How Much Can I Afford?

Barristers mortgages are designed for people who need to borrow money. They're ideal for those with poor credit scores or no credit history at all. 5. You don't need to wait until you've been accepted into law school before applying for a mortgage. Barristers mortgages can help you get started on building up an asset portfolio. Barristers mortgages come with a range of different products


Getting a mortgage for barristers is a lot easier said than done. For most barristers, they find it difficult to arrange the standard competitive property finance. This is usually be due to them being in practice for a short period of time or, usually due to a restricted cash flow and growing debt’.


Our finance expert have a in depth knowledge of the complexities of a barrister’s income.

On some occasion, we can negotiate borrowing levels higher than normal or improve the terms offered elsewhere to our barrister clients.

We act as your partner in property finance, providing only the most personal of services to ensure you are in control and confident throughout every stage of your investment journey. This one-on-one tailored service allows us to work tirelessly on your behalf to both exceed your expectations of what you can achieve and secure a bespoke solution to best suit your requirements.

Azembel mortgage advisers work hard to secure competitive property mortgage for barristers.With a wide range of banks, specialist and alternative lenders gives us the flexibility to find a mortgage product that works on your terms.

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