90% LTV Mortgage for Fulham Property

90% LTV Mortgage for Fulham Property


  • Property type: Victorian terrace property, Fulham 
  • Property value: £3,250,000
  • Loan amount: £2,825,000
  • LTV: 90%
  • Rate: 3.49% 3-year fixed 
  • Over how many years: 20

Recently, we were approached by a client who had a complex income structure. With her main residence in Surrey, the she was looking for a second home as a base in London - a beautiful £3.25M Victorian terraced property in Fulham. She wanted to borrow as much as she could, which can be extremely difficult for properties at this value. 

Beside from the high LTV (loan-to-value) needed, she had a complex income structure. A large part of our client's income was paid via company shares which were sitting and they therefore she did not have full access to them. 

Here at Azembel, we understand this situation and we know what is needed to achieve the best possible outcome  for a complex mortgage application. We are able to use short trading history and one year's accounts for complex income types. 

We had the option to find a lender who might consider the clients company shares as a type of income given the help of her most recent long term history. In addition, the lender had the option to use this income alone to get to the amount required.

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