£2 Million private bank mortgage for an international solicitor  based in UK with complex income

Our client found us when the used the search term mortgage broker near me. It was a bit of a coincidence because they told us the asked a friend to recommend a mortgage broker London and we popped up again. I guess that’s fate! Most senior partner solicitors earnings are tied up to their partnership, the basic income they receive can be low in comparison to their gross income, this means that complexities can come up when they apply for a certain level of mortgage. In this case, our client faced many difficulties in finding a mortgage lender willing to offer him a mortgage.

The client

Our client was a senior partner of a law firm specialising in international law. Our client was looking to move home and purchase a new main home with a significant high property value. As a resident in the United Kingdom and a UK national with an income of a very high level, our client seemed on face value to be the perfect  client for a range of whole of market lenders.  Our client had, however, realised that there were only a few mortgage lenders who were willing to consider their income circumstances  because it was a basic income which was supplemented by the profits of the law firm. Our client had previously approached another mortgage broker London who was unable to find a lender for them, then they were recommend to use us “Azembel mortgages”.

Our solution

When our mortgage brokers search for a lender with a good mortgage rates who will take an expandable approach to income streams that are not standard, it can be a frustrating. Our whole of market mortgage brokers take a deep understanding of our clients needs and income circumstances allow us to approach a reputable private bank to apply for this loan.  We have close relationships with this mortgage lender, and we explained their circumstances and included their future earnings which allowed us to be  able to convey the overall earnings of our client and therefore maximise their full borrowing potential. The mortgage lender saw this a took all of this into consideration and were willing to offer a mortgage of £2.5 million, allowing our client being able to fund their new property. This was the outcome that the client had hoped for and evidence that with the right mortgage broker, even those with unusual income streams can gain access to the finance that they need.

The case in brief

  • £3.5 million main residency purchase
  • Lender required who would consider basic plus profit share income
  • There are a lot of mortgage lenders would not consider this unusual income stream
  • £2 million mortgage achieved

Finding the right mortgage lender who will take into consideration all other forms of income other than your basic can be quite difficult. We are expert mortgage advisors in maximising your income to fund your ideal property. 

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