Bridging Finance for Landlord

Bridging Finance for Landlord

Key Facts:

  • Client: UK Based Landlord
  • Property type: UK Property 
  • Property value: £1,620,000
  • Loan  amount: £1,215,000
  • LTV: 75%
  • Rate: 0.89% PCM

For those who are looking for bridging finance, for a short period then this option is likely to be the best. It’s quick and easy to arrange and always negotiable. Bridging finance can create finance needed to grow a company, invest in another property, pursue business opportunities - endless possibilities.

In this scenario, our client was a UK based landlord with a portfolio of buy to let properties who needed to raise capital to complete a new property purchase in just under 3 weeks. The property was valued at £1,620,000 and the client needed to raise £1,215,000. 

There are borrowers who consider a short-term bridging loan because they know they’ll have liquidity within a few weeks or months.

This could be if you have a certain amount of cash coming in from the sale of investments, shares, assets, the sale of a business or a divorce settlement.

Banks and lenders will be more centred around how certain it is that the cash will come in when you figure it will, and the amount you will get compared with the sum you are acquiring.


While keeping things moving rapidly, Azembel will initially comprehend your circumstance and your financing prerequisites inside and out: the chance you need to seek after and the sum you wish to acquire will impact who your specialist approaches for finance.


For this situation, we prevailed with regards to organising a bridging loan at a low rate that met the customer's prerequisites. If you might want to hear more with regards to present moment connecting finance and the various advantages they offer, reach us for a no-commitment chat.

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