Mortgage for Roadside Patrolman

Road side assistant

Key Figures:

Key Figures: 

  • Client: British National
  • Property type: 4 bedroom house
  • Property Value: £937,000
  • Loan Amount: £702,750
  • LTV: 75% 
  • Rate: 1.36%
  • Term: 5 Year

Over the past few years, so many people have evaluated how they live their lives and spend. With a high majority of homeowners buying outside of the capital but close of towns and cities searching for space and greenery. The surround home counties of London and are all seeing increased interest from buyers looking to but their first home with excellent local amenities and easy connections into London.

In this case, we were approached a client who had a complex income due to his employment.

He was a patrolman, roadside assistant who was employed by one of worlds largest roadside assistant companies.

Our client earned a basic annual patrolman salary of £32,000.00 but over the past two years had consistently worked overtime with an average of £156,856 over the two years, so in total £188,856 with a lender willing to lend up to 5 x the income.

The problem we faced was though the overtime income had been consistent, it was not guaranteed.

The first lender we approached who at the time seemed the cheapest refused to accept the overtime as some banks do. We then did some more research and found a lender willing to accept the client’s overtime and with cheaper rate.

Overtime income can be at times complex, however here at Azembel we come across them all too often.

For whatever reason you need a mortgage, Azembel has a huge experience in sourcing and negotiating the best mortgage deals.

We arrange so many mortgages with complex cases in the UK than anyone else, and we do so our network of over 1000 lenders. Our mortgage brokers in London understand the market like no one else, will always negotiate the best possible lending terms for our clients and we manage the entire process effortlessly.


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