Mortgages for Barristers

£1,680,000 residential mortgage for barrister in Fulham

Location: Fulham

Loan Amount: £1,680,000

Finance Category: Residential Mortgage


The Story

Our client had referred referred to Azembel by one of our existing clients due to our expertise in securing large loans forHigh Net Worth individuals.

During the first conversation with the client, it established that they had a requirement for a large mortgage loan, as both the clients and their partner had high net worth income, they also had another property that they wanted to rent and buy a main residence together in a joint ownership.

The Challenge

They had to refinance their current mortgage to a buy-to-let mortgages.

In addition, they wanted a mortgage on the new purchase which would be the main residence to be flexible to be ableto take advantage of their considerable savings.


The Solution

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, we were unable to meet the clients and so most of the meetings were done via aZoom meeting.

Having all clients to be named on the mortgage present was really important as we were able to share options for the mortgage.

In the end, we found a private bank that was able to offer them a better deal than any of the high street

The private bank (lender) was able to offer a lower rate interest across and an offset facility on the main residence.



Some of the main issues for HNW when getting a mortgage is having prove income and finding the time to anything else.


As a barrister, we know that your cash flow can be a big issue. This is because the nature of your work means that income earned is irregular, due to the amount of time cases can take to complete or in some cases instances a sudden change of plea result in the income you had expected. Other issues affecting cash flow can include ongoing debts owed by clients, and solicitors and of course, there are your business debts to be offset against income such as chambers costs, legal subscriptions and travel costs.


You work extended periods with heavy caseloads. We realise how troublesome it tends to be to get hold of you when you are planning for a case and we like that you truly don't have the opportunity to source mortgages and taking time from your day to meet with banks that go through a few hours reading from a content and will just offer you their products.


Azembel set off to explicitly offer mortgage answers for barristers. We have addressed the income and time issues you face and offer a solution tended to the pay and time issues you face and proposition an answer.


We work with mortgage lenders that understand how a barrister is payed.We use mortgage providers that are adaptable in their lending rules and that have explicit standards focused on experts such as barristers.


The lenders we work with are not only high street banks and building societies but include private banks, and lenders who will exclusively work with brokers.


We can secure:

Reduced rates and fees for HNW, Sports professionals, this includes barristers

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