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Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers London

Talk to  Azembel  adverse credit mortgage specialists about mortgages for:

  • Debt management plans
  • CCJ mortgages or IVA’s
  • Poor credit history
  • Missed, late payments or defaults
  • Mortgages for bankruptcy
  • Exclusive rates – up to 95% LTV (85% LTV for IVA/Ex-bankruptcy)
  • Our experience means we can confirm your options within hours

Why Choose Azembel For A Bad Credit Mortgage?

We’re specialist bad credit mortgage brokers who focus on sourcing mortgage for people who have a history of adverse credit

You will get a bespoke service with your own dedicated team including a broker

We at Azembel understand getting a mortgage with bad credit can be very tough, more so if you have defaults, county court judgments (CCJs), individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) or even a bankruptcy in your credit file – but it's not the end of the word, it is still possible.

We will help guide and offer help and advice you on how to get a mortgage with bad credit.

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit?


Yes, it's possible to get a mortgage with a bad credit history, even if your options may be limited. Mortgage lenders will do a credit check for anyone applying for a mortgage. However, some marks on your credit report will be more serious than others, it all depends on the amounts of money involved and how long ago it was. Some high-street banks may refuse to give you a mortgage if you outright bad credit. Some lenders such as can at times be more flexible and there are also specialist bad-credit mortgage lenders.

How to get a mortgage with bad credit


If you have a bad credit history, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting a mortgage.


It takes time: small amounts on your record could be seen as less serious over time, If you buy with a partner it will mean their credit history gets taken into account as well as your own.

Saving time

Our mortgage broker will do the hard work of the mortgage application process. To make sure that you supply all the correct documentations.


We are bad credit mortgage broker specialist.We know each lenders’ criteria can vary. We know what bad credit mortgage lenders are looking for. This area is moving fast, so using a mortgage broker who works day to day with poor credit. 

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Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers London

Your local mortgage brokers are here to help. With so many mortgage lenders out there competing with deals, we will find the right mortgage lender to use for your mortgage application. That’s why Azembel is here to help you and to save you time and money.
The type of mortgages vary from Fixed, Variable, Discounted, or a Cash back Mortgage. We will help explain these to you.
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